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1# in Europe

In 2019 Sander and Buck founded SocialBeardsNL out of a passion for marketing. After 2 years of working for different companies they decided to focus solely on marketing for tattoo shops!

We are the only tattoo shop marketing agency in the world that exclusively works on marketing for tattoo shops. Our years of experience have made it possible for us to build the perfect online marketing strategy for tattoo shops & piercing studios. We lead the market in Europe and are always developing our methods.

We always start off with an orientation call. This free consultation will give you insight in what you can do right now to boost your marketing yourself. 

marketing for tattoo shops socialbeards

Tattoo marketing services

tattoo marketing agency google adwords

Google advertising

We use Google to put you on the map quite literally. Using maps, youtube, partner program and a lot more we boost your client base sustainable 
tattoo marketing agency social media advertising

Social advertising

Advertising on social media for your tattoo shop gives you more reach and a new audience every day. This extended reach makes for new bookings!
tattoo marketing agency full color package

Full Color Package

Our 'Best Value' all-in package. By combining Social & Google advertising with a conversion website and social media coaching you'll reach your goals fast!
social media marketing for tattoo shops


Designing the perfect converting website for you from homepage to contactpage. All your work is on display and the visitors get all the right incentives to book.

Our clients on the mic:

"They go that much further for you..."
"I am super satisfied with the "socialbeards". Everyone on their team has an affinity for tattoos and you notice that they go just a step further for us as tattoo artists. With me, things often have to be done "now" and with socialbeards, it's already done!"
Joey Boon - Tattoo Joey
"I'm found online by my audience"
"Really a great company to work with. Experts in various fields who collaborate perfectly. The best part is that a lot of work is taken off my hands. From SEO and Google to social media coaching, exactly the things I'm not very strong in. I can spend my time with my customers and do what I'm good at, and Socialbeards make sure that I'm found online!"

Stuart - Hofman piercing & fine jewelry

"I love it!"
"Socialbeards consists of reliable and skilled professionals. I work with them frequently and am always satisfied with the result. They offer quality and continuity in their services, which is of great importance to me."
marketing for tattoo shops

Why choose SocialBeards?

Why not use a regular marketing agency?

We can do exactly what they do. Like you can do exactly what every other tattoo artist or piercer can do. 

But you can do this one part extremely well and that is where your strength lies. Our expertise is conducting online marketing for tattoo shops and piercing studios.

Socialbeards is the only marketing agency that has spent all its existence gathering experience on this market and growing accordingly.

Why you should use marketing for your tattoo shop

  • You can organize your shop to become financially free
  • You will build up your tattoo business and grow your customer base
  • You will get more time to develope yourself because you can 'choose' your clients
  • You can be the responsible shop owner that helps your artists gain more clients.

What happens if you don't?

  • You will stay where you are, not growing your business or yourself
  • You can not develope your skills because you serve 'every audience'
  • You will drown in the ocean of other artists, private studios and tattoo shops that do use marketing

Our clients on the mic:

"Revenue record!"
It's very busy and our books are full. We even had a record revenue amount this month through online marketing!
Robin - RO-INK
"All artists booked"
It's getting super busy in the shop. All my artists are booked. This is a perfect way to grow your business!
Nadine - Het Anker Tattoos
"I love it!"
My website is super clear. My customers love that they van book an intake appointment online. I love it. 
Natasja - Bad Influence Tattoo

Marketing for tattoo shops how we do it:

marketing for tattoo shops

powerful google advertising

Google Advertising 

We utilize the power of Google to literally put you on the map. Through the use of Google maps, YouTube, partner programs, and other valuable tools, we help you grow your client base in a sustainable manner. With just €7 a day we reach over 5.000* potential clients a month for you. 

Social Media Advertising 

By advertising your tattoo shop on social media, you can significantly expand your reach and attract a new audience on a daily basis. This increased visibility can lead to a surge in new bookings, enabling you to grow your business and reach new heights. Using €50 per campaign we reach and engage over 8000* more possible clients.

Full Color Package

With our all-inclusive "Best Value" package, you can take advantage of a powerful combination of social and Google advertising, a high-converting website, and comprehensive social media coaching. By leveraging these tools together, you can achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, helping your business thrive in today's competitive tattoo landscape. We use a combined advertising budget of €500 each month to generate well over 12000* reached potential clients per month.
* number are indicative and based on the most recent, but historical statistics we gather.


We specialize in crafting the ideal high-converting website for your tattoo business, from the homepage all the way through to the contact page. With our expert design and implementation, all of your portfolio is beautifully displayed and your visitors are presented with the right incentives to make a booking, resulting in increased conversions and business growth.

Marketing for a tattoo shop - case study

Tattoo shop A

Shop description:

Tattoo shop A is one of our clients. The shop is located right next to the city center of a medium large city. The team consists of 5 artist. Services include Tattooing, PMU and Piercing. They started 3 years ago. 

Starting point:

The shop was struggeling. There were almost no walk-ins and near to no online bookings. 3 of the 5 artist were tattooing part-time in the shop because there was no client base to support them all. We started out the shop on the Full Color Package and set up advertising budgets for Google (€250) and Social media (€250) per month.

Situation after 3 months:

They saw a rise in walk-ins and people noticing their shop. Even locals now knew the shop was there. Online bookings went up immediately and kept a consistent line. The best thing is that all artists are now tattooing full-time and are booked out 1 to 3 months in advance. They increased the advertising budgets in month 4 to get even better results. 

marketing for tattoo shops case study
* All 'created events' are complete consultation bookings.

Our packages & pricing

Google advertising

Per month ex. vat
  • 3 campaigns on Google adwords (partner integrations & Youtube possible).
  • Monthly updated campaigns tailored to the specific trends and needs of your campaigns. 
  • Clear and specific monthly overview report with the plan for next months ads. 
  • It works perfectly together with the social media advertising package. 
  • Always possible to switch to the social media advertising package. 
  • Don't pay €2447 for a website but just €1197 (optional)
Most Populair

Social advertising

Per month ex. vat
  • 3 campaigns custom built for you. 
  • We can run the ads on every social media platform you like. 
  • Monthly updated campaigns tailored to the specific trends and needs of your audience. 
  • Campaigns can be targeted for specific events like flash days, conventions or seminars. 
  • Clear and specific monthly overview report with the plan for next months ads. 
  • It works perfectly together with the Google advertising package. 
  • Always possible to switch to the Full Color Package. 
  • Don't pay €2447 for a website but just €997 (optional)

FullColor Package

Per month ex. vat
  • Everything from both packages.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 social media coaching.
  • Free website built in Phoenix websoftware.
  • Online intake system. So you no longer waste time on DM's that have no end. Clients book an intake with you  and after that you schedule the appointment. 
  • We help you do the online marketing for all events like flash days, conventions, seminars and other special plans. 
  • Personal connection. You get a direct line to Buck. 
  • 10% discount with our supply partners. 
  • Monthly updated campaigns tailored to the specific trends and needs of our campaigns and audience. 
  • Clear and specific monthly overview report with the plan for next months ads. 

Webdesign & layout

per product ex. vat
  • Website with the ideal customer flow structure.
  • We create the website using your branding.
  • We write professional copy
  • Your website is SEO proof. Ready to rank high in Google. 
  • We integrate all contact forms for you
  • We build the portfolio page for you and your colleagues.
  • We make sure your Google analytics and Facebook Pixel are installed. 
  • We'll get your website all good to receive leads and turn them into customers. 

Our clients on the mic:

"6 new clients"
We had just started the Full Colour Package for 2 weeks and there were already 6 new clients scheduled in!
Pascal - INKfluence tattoo
"fresh ideas"
The guys and girls from socialbeards are fresh, full of ideas and have a good way of communicating. This is exactly what you need.
Aleks - Revenge Tattoo
"Fully booked"
My artists get enough attention on the custom built website. The books are full and we are growing our shop!
Djo - Kosmos INK

Want know more?

Want to know more about marketing for your tattooshop and all the options we've got to offer? Relax and get sit back, because we've got all the info you need. Download our free brochure or set up a free, no strings attached, strategy call right now. 
marketing for tattoo shops socialbeards

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