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Get more clients through effective Google ads for your tattoo shop

And reach the top of the Google search section

This is what you're missing out on:

More than 95% of all people on the internet use Google search for whatever they want to find. A whopping 78% bases their purchase choices on the reliability of Google reviews. You're missing out on all of this if you're not using Google advertising for your tattoo shop. Google always wants to help her clients. And strangely when you're advertising you’re not even a Google customer. The people who use Google for free to find the things they want are. That's why Google does everything to please them! Read on to discover how you can help them do that and get more new clients out of it without losing time.

Our clients on the πŸŽ™ 

"recommend to contact them"
These guys "listen" to your needs, think creatively about solutions, and follow up on their promises. They anticipate very well when thinking ahead. They are relaxed in communication. I definitely plan to work with these guys more and I recommend to contact them!
"I am findable on Google"
Thanks to this program, I have a clear understanding of what I use my marketing for and how to do it. I am now findable on Google and know how to keep it that way!
Joyce - PMU by Joyce
"It would have taken me 5 years"
The most important thing, of course, is that there was a growth in customers and revenue directly after starting. I was also a bit skeptical about doing this, but it is really recommended, what they have achieved in a few months would have taken me 5 years.
Natasja - Bad Influence Tattoo

Google advertising for your tattoo shop

It's hard to figure out all the ways you can advertise your tattoo shop on Google. There's the regular Google search option, the partner program, Youtube ads, images, shopping and the list goes on. Which one fits your tattoo shop? We've been a Google Partner for a while now and we focus all our attention to figuring this question out. We now know exactly how to promote your tattoo shop on Google. 

Google has the best clients for your tattoo shop

Everyone who's searching something on Google are already driven to 'buy'. So if they're searching for a new tattoo and your tattoo shop pops up on Google search, they are way more likely to book. If they would see you on social media while they're casually scrolling they will be way less likely to book. They need a bit more warming up. This means Google has the best clients for your tattoo shop just waiting to find you!

50% Google bookings

With just €7 a day on Google campaigns, we've reached 5000 people every month. Resulting in website visitors that are ready to book. More than 50% of our clients bookings are from Google. This are new clients who book and found these shops for the first time on Google. Only after finding them on Google they checked the social media accounts. 

This is how we make it work for you

  1. First we do a video call to see if you and us are match. We'll tell you everything you want to know about our business and how we are going to make Google work for you. During this call you'll get marketing tips on how you can already improve your situation immediately. 
  2. Let's start! We're a match and you chose us to help you grow! Now we'll need some access to your Google Adwords and website to make everything function. Haven't got a website? We'll build one for you for a discounted price! This will take us no more than a month. You won't be paying us a thing before the ads are running!
  3. The campaigns are running. And we'll keep a close eye on the statistics for you. Every month you'll receive a detailed report about how everything is going and what we're optimizing for you. 
  4. Optimization of your campaigns. Every month we evaluate what we can do better on your campaigns. We look at the Google data and update everything to make the campaigns work better every month. 

Why choose us?

We're not your average online marketing agency running a few Google Adwords campaigns for you. We've dedicated our entire existence on perfecting online marketing for tattooshops. We are the only online marketing agency that does this. We specialize in making your growth happen as a tattoo business. Why not hire a conventional marketing agency that has no experience in your field? The same can be said about a very good blackwork artist getting hired to do a realism portrait. They might be able to do it but never as good as the artist that specializes in realistic portraits. So, do you want your tattoo business to grow the best it can running advertising on Google? You need to hire us πŸ€™πŸ½

Our service

Google advertising

Per month ex. vat
  • 3 campaigns on Google adwords (partner integrations & Youtube possible).
  • Monthly updated campaigns tailored to the specific trends and needs of your campaigns. 
  • Clear and specific monthly overview report with the plan for next months ads. 
  • It works perfectly together with the social media advertising package. 
  • Always possible to switch to the social media advertising package. 
  • Don't pay €2447 for a website but just €1197 (optional) 

Our clients on the πŸŽ™ 

"Revenue record!"
It's very busy and our books are full. We even had a record revenue amount this month through online marketing!
Robin - RO-INK
"All artists booked"
It's getting super busy in the shop. All my artists are booked. This is a perfect way to grow your business!
Nadine - Het Anker Tattoos
"I love it!"
My website is super clear. My customers love that they van book an intake appointment online. I love it. 
Natasja - Bad Influence Tattoo