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Buck - founding beard

Buck de Klerk

Born in 1988

Founding Beard - SocialBeardsNL

Hi, I'm Buck. Born in the beautiful city of Nieuwegein and raised in the Utrecht area. After begging for my first tattoo from the age of 16, I was finally able to get one without my parents' permission when I turned 18. I chose the most standard skull/ghost tattoo I could find and thought I was very cool.

Soon, I realized that I had been infected by that first tattoo session. I wanted another tattoo, and then another... it went on for a while, and fortunately, they became more well thought-out and meaningful. Or maybe not. 

What I do for you:

With SocialBeardsNL, I build on my passion for the underlying "performance marketing."

"Social media on the front end is fun, but without follow-up in marketing, you're just posting nice photos for your aunt and mother to look at."

So, I make sure that your social media and website are provided with no-nonsense email marketing, sales processes, and customer flows. All of this is measurable and manageable so that you can grow.

Online advertising becomes easier and much more cost-effective. In this way, we ensure that your social media is viewed by your customers and that those customers also book at your tattoo shop.

Buck, tattoo shop marketeer

Sander - founding beard

Sander van Kal

Born in 1990

Founder of Beard - SocialBeardsNL

Hello!!!! How cool that you're taking the time to get to know me better.

My name is Sander van Kal, born in Rotterdam in 1990. From a young age, I engaged in creative activities. This started at the age of 8 with my first keyboard, and soon after that, I added a guitar and some singing. I also started writing my own music.

When I turned 18, I got my first tattoo. My parents literally said, "If you want to disfigure your body, it's up to you, son." HAHA. But that's not how I see it at all. I started with a tattoo on my chest of piano keys with music notes. The tone was set. Nowadays, I'm pretty inked and still inking :)

What I do for you:

With SocialBeardsNL, I continue to build on my passion for entrepreneurship and take photos for entrepreneurs who want to improve their brand and appearance.

Buck ensures that the infrastructure is rock solid, and I create a beautiful front end for you. With our ads, creative minds, and network, we aim to achieve growth for every business in the tattoo industry. All you have to do is work with us :) How easy is that?

Sander, tattoo shop advertising expert

Rachelle - Social Media coach

Our traveling nomad going everywhere and anywhere around the world. Rachelle is our rock when it comes to social media coaching. Her expertise know no bounds and she's always developing her skills. As a traveling content creator she's always on top of the game when it comes to social media and business development. 

She's a strict but fair coach and isn't afraid to call you out on your social media postings and strategy. She's also going to be the first to complement you on your efforts. 

Rachelle tattoo shop social media coach

Lisa - social media coach

Lisa is our second social media coach with a heart of gold. She's an expert on the field of content and how this can work for your business. Besides coaching, Lisa also does all of our 'cold calling' at SocialBeards. So chances are you're going to hear her voice over the telephone soon. 
Lisa, tattoo shop social media coach

Tom - Advertising specialist

Tom is our advertising expert. Google and Social ads... he's done it all and conquered the field. Tom is the most seasoned team member at SocialBeards with more than 20 years of experience. He's seen the rise and fall of many a social platform and isn't phased by any changes made to advertising space or algorithms. 
Tom, tattoo shop advertising expert

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