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Rank high in Google search and build your brand authority
The perfect website for your tattoo shop

Websites will never go extinct

73% of tattoo clients have indicated they're more likely to book an appointment through a website. But only if this includes a quick way to do so. E-mails, DM's and texting is getting out of fashion. It just takes too long to get a reply. Clients want to know if they can book right away. As a tattoo business owner you want to meet their demand and supply a quick way to book an intake. A strong website will do this effectively and lets you keep control. 

Our clients on the 🎤 

"Saves me a lot of time"
They nicely finished my website according to my wishes. This strategy ensures that customers can schedule an appointment themselves via the website. Saves me and the customer a lot of time!
Robin - RO-INK

"Totally recommend!"

I work with these guys and I'm very happy with them. Our studio is growing in unbelievable pace. Young creative people with lots of ideas. Totally recommend!!!!
Aleks - Revenge tattoo & Piercing
"I love it!"
My website is super clear. My customers love that they van book an intake appointment online. I love it. 
Natasja - Bad Influence Tattoo

Make Google display you for free

When you're website has the right text, visuals and valuable information for your clients, Google will display you for free! Using Search Engine Optimization you're telling Google that your website is the place to be for your clients. People that use Google Search will then be presented with your killer website. Getting this done for you is our game. 

Display your best work

With your own fully functional website, you've got all the control on what work you display. Instead of using Instagram for your 'online portfolio' start using your website. Instagram is NOT friendly on your visitors if they want to see your portfolio. You've got total control on what you want to show people from your portfolio on your website. We've got the knowledge on how to make this work best. 

Make booking easy

How many DM's have you got? And how many of them get followed up by '?' after just 5 minutes? Clients want instant satisfaction and want to be able to book an intake right away. I can hear you say: "If they don't want to wait I don't want them as clients". Do you though? These clients embody your growth and revenue. Why not give them what they want while maintaining complete control? We'll set your website up with an automated intake system. People can book 30 minutes of your time online. You decide when, what time, and how (online video call of offline meeting in the shop). This will boost your bookings and give you the time and stability you need to grow. 

This is how we make it work for you

  1. First we do a video call to see if you and us are match. We'll tell you everything you want to know about our business and how we are going to make Google work for you. During this call you'll get marketing tips on how you can already improve your situation immediately. 
  2. Let's start! We're a match and you chose us to help you grow! We'll need to set up a domainname for you if you don't already have one. We'll start building the website in your style and with all your artists, portfolio and wishes incorporated. You won't be paying us a thing before the ads are running!
  3. Let's check it. You get 2 review moments to make any changes you want to your website.
  4. Online intake system. We'll set you up with the online intake system and make sure it's running properly. 
  5. 30 days support. This website software is so easy to use you can update your own portfolio and photos super easily. But, we've got your back the first month! If there are any issues or changes to be made, we'll be there for you. 

Why choose us?

We're not your average online marketing agency building your website and adios. We've dedicated our entire existence on perfecting online marketing for tattooshops. We are the only online marketing agency that does this. We specialize in making your growth happen as a tattoo business. Why not hire a conventional marketing agency that has no experience in your field? The same can be said about a very good blackwork artist getting hired to do a realism portrait. They might be able to do it but never as good as the artist that specializes in realistic portraits. So, do you want your tattoo business to grow the best it can using webdesign for tattoo shops? You need to hire us 🤙🏽

Our webdesign service

Webdesign & layout

per product ex. vat
  • Website with the ideal customer flow structure.
  • We create the website using your branding.
  • We write professional copy
  • Your website is SEO proof. Ready to rank high in Google. 
  • We integrate all contact forms for you
  • We build the portfolio page for you and your colleagues.
  • We make sure your Google analytics and Facebook Pixel are installed. 
  • We'll get your website all good to receive leads and turn them into customers. 
  • €1250 discount when used in combination with our Google package
  • €1450 discount when used in combination with our Social Media package
  • Free webdesign when used in combination with our Full Color Package