8 tips on how to promote yourself as a tatttoo artist

8 tips on how to promote yourself as a tatttoo artist

If you're wondering how to promote yourself as a tattoo artist and tap into the multi-billion dollar tattoo industry, you've come to the right place. Here are nine effective strategies to help you attract more clients and grow your following:

Help promote your tattoo shop: Even if you're not the owner, promoting the tattoo shop where you work can attract more clients who are already familiar with the brand and its reputation.

effectively promote yourself as a tattoo artist

  1. Build a personal brand: Establishing your own brand as a tattoo artist is crucial, whether you're freelancing or own a parlor. This personal brand will attract clients who specifically want to work with you, regardless of where you work.
  2. Create a signature style: Leverage your unique talent and create a signature style that sets you apart. When clients seek out a specific style, they'll be more likely to come to you for your expertise.
  3. Build a professional website: A professional website is essential for both your personal brand and the tattoo shop. Ensure it includes a branded domain URL, a photo gallery showcasing your work, a contact form for inquiries and appointments, and testimonials from satisfied clients.
  4. Get on the right social media platforms: Choose social media platforms that are best suited for showcasing your work and connecting with your target audience. Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are great options for tattoo artists to share images and engage with potential clients.
  5. Work the hashtag: When posting your work on social media, always use relevant hashtags to increase discoverability. Mix generic terms with specific hashtags that describe the details and style of your tattoos.
  6. Encourage clients to share their experience: Utilize the power of social media by encouraging clients to check-in on Facebook, write reviews on Google+ or Yelp, and share images of their tattoos on platforms like Instagram. Make it easy for visitors to your website to pin their favorite designs to their Pinterest boards.
  7. Travel to tattoo conventions: Attend national tattoo conventions to network with other tattoo artists and shops, connect with tattoo enthusiasts who travel for quality work, and meet tattoo media publishers who may feature your work.
  8. Remember your work is a walking billboard: Your clients become ambassadors for your work. Form relationships with them, provide exceptional service, and ask for referrals. Word-of-mouth recommendations and satisfied clients will bring in more business.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively promote yourself as a tattoo artist, build a loyal following, and attract more clients to your shop. Embrace the power of marketing and watch your tattooing business thrive. Download your free e-book on our '7 proven Instagram techniques' to find out how you can boost your engagement and revenue through social media!

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