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"Saves me a lot of time"
They nicely finished my website according to my wishes. This strategy ensures that customers can schedule an appointment themselves via the website. Saves me and the customer a lot of time!
Robin - RO-INK

"Totally recommend!"

I work with these guys and I'm very happy with them. Our studio is growing in unbelievable pace. Young creative people with lots of ideas. Totally recommend!!!!
Aleks - Revenge tattoo & Piercing
"I love it!"
My website is super clear. My customers love that they van book an intake appointment online. I love it. 
Natasja - Bad Influence Tattoo

Why choose us?

We're not your average online marketing agency building your website and adios. We've dedicated our entire existence on perfecting online marketing for tattooshops. We are the only online marketing agency that does this. We specialize in making your growth happen as a tattoo business. Why not hire a conventional marketing agency that has no experience in your field? The same can be said about a very good blackwork artist getting hired to do a realism portrait. They might be able to do it but never as good as the artist that specializes in realistic portraits. So, do you want your tattoo business to grow the best it can using webdesign for tattoo shops? You need to hire us 🤙🏽

Tattooshop marketing FAQ

What is online marketing for tattooshops?

Online marketing for tattoo shops means promoting their tattoo services on the internet. Just like other businesses, tattoo shops try various ways to reach potential customers and encourage them to get tattoos.

Websites: Tattoo shops often have a website where they showcase their portfolio and provide information about the different tattoo styles they offer. They want their website to look appealing to make people curious about their artistic skills.

Advertisements: Tattoo shops can place online ads, for example, on social media or tattoo-related websites. This is to grab the attention of people who might be interested in getting a tattoo.

Social media: Tattoo shops are active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share pictures of their tattoo artworks. They aim to build an online community and engage with people looking for unique tattoo ideas.

Email marketing: Some tattoo shops send newsletters with information about special offers, new tattoo designs, or events. This way, they stay in touch with their customer base and encourage repeat visits.

Search engine optimization: Tattoo shops want their website to be easily found when people search online for tattoo studios. They use search engine optimization techniques to ensure their studio appears high in the search results when potential customers look for tattoo-related terms.

In summary, online marketing for tattoo shops involves smartly using internet platforms to showcase their tattoo portfolio, reach potential customers, and increase online visibility.

Why would I need online marketing for my tattooshop?

Online marketing for your tattoo shop is important because it helps you reach more people and showcase your tattoo work. Here are a few reasons why it can be beneficial:

Reach more people: With online marketing, you can make sure that more people know your tattoo shop exists. People looking for tattoos can find you more easily.

Show your work: You can share pictures of the tattoos you've done on a website or social media. This way, people can see how good you are and decide to get a tattoo from you.

Talk to customers: Through social media, you can talk to people interested in your tattoo shop. They can ask questions, and you can answer. It helps build a connection.

Announce offers: You can also let people know online if you have special offers or if something special is happening in your tattoo shop. People love discounts and events, so this can encourage them to visit.

Stand out from others: In a busy market, it's important to be noticed. By using online marketing wisely, you can make sure that people remember your tattoo shop and choose it over other options.

Listen to feedback: Through the internet, you can find out what customers think about your tattoos. This helps you improve and shows new customers that others are satisfied with your work.

In short, online marketing helps you gain more visibility, showcase your work, connect with customers, share offers, stand out in the market, and receive feedback for growth. It's a convenient way to promote your tattoo shop and attract more people.

What package should I choose?

This is a though question to answer here. It all depends on what your goals are, which budget you've got and what your plans are for the future.

This is why we offer a free and no-strings-attached online marketing consult. We'll be talking about your current marketing situation and how you can improve this yourself. We'll also cover how we can help you get where you want to get.

Will online marketing instantly give me new customers?

No, you can't expect that. We see different things happening with our clients and most do attract new clients from day one. But there are to many variables outside of the online marketing which make that people might not book.

What we can guarantee you is that you'll receive relevant visitors on your website and social media channels. Our services are made to increase the chance that they will book an appointment significantly. The more people visit your channels, the more clients will book.

How does Socialbeards make my marketing work?

Our team reviews and rebuilds your ads every month. This way you always have custom ads running for your business. We optimize them every month and this way you get a steady and durable growth in their performance.

Every month we contact you by phone and we'll be talking about how you feel about our service and if there are any things we can improve or events you'd like to discuss. You also receive a details statistics report every month so you can monitor growth.